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Roshtein Fake › was-haltet-ihr-von-dem-twitch-zocker-roshtein. Ein sehr beliebter Online-Casino-Streamer, der beschuldigt wird, mit Falschgeld zu spielen, ist Roshtein, aber es gibt noch viele andere. What do you think? Roshtein is just a fake channel, or the perhaps even with the casino? I Think Fake! Roshtein - FAKE and commercial project multilotto!

Roshtein Fake Kanal auf Youtube

65k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ROSHTEIN (@roshtein). Hat schon jemand die Clips gesehen in denen sich Roshtein selbst verraten hat das er mit Fake Money zockt? Habs heute auf Youtube. › was-haltet-ihr-von-dem-twitch-zocker-roshtein.

Roshtein Fake Our Philosophy Video

The Curious Case of the Jammin' Jars Streamers

Multilotto ist genau wie Lottoland mit Casino. Ice Joker hier Roulette Spielfeld spielen. To understand that Roshtein advertise bad casinos, just try to play in these casinos. If you still have doubts about Roshtein money, then you can look for different streamers and watch whom you trust more.

He literally clicked real play by mistake and opened the real game while trying to demonstrate practice mode.

Use your brain. Sherlocks brians at their best. This article seems to be bit far fetched. Especially the second page on which the author claims that Rosh uses view bots doesnt take into consideration that on the day where he found the "suspicious" follower data he got accidentally suspended and therefore lost a bunch of followers who re followed him immediately which leads to a distortion in the data.

Also he has frequently explained that by being an affiliate he gets better conditions than everyone else which undoubtably makes sense.

Also going 0 balance and than clicking practice mode doesn't prove anything. Have at least 1euro balance and see if it transfers to practice.

Well he will be back on Monday, and as far as i can tell, its not clear if he clicked Real and then hovered over practice so it looked like it opened slightly late when over Practice, or if he straight Clicked Practice.

All Rosh has to do is to go on N1 after a Deposit, and just open the Practice Mode on Merlin, and we will see what happens then. Not sure if that is manipulatable afterwards, but it would clear some Doubts for me.

And after the Clip, iam Doubtful and Unclear, eventho i dont care about the Money he uses, as long as its entertaining.

Br, V. Nordog Experienced Member. Joined Nov 15, Location Norge. Maybe hombert can explain what happend?

Has anyone got an account at N1 Casino they can quickly test this with? Just replicate what Roshtein did and see what happens?

Joined Jan 8, Location Essex. Any normal reaction if it was an error would be 'wtf, why is my real play balance showing in demo' Not a look of complete fear and a quick close down of the screen as if to say 'oh shit' lol.

This week its all been going of. Also available in 4K No but in all seriousness it makes me sick the lows these scumbags stoop to achieve monetary gain.

Do these people even have morals? Seems not. As long as they can milk money out of the vunerable as quick as possible thats all they care about. Most of these streamers are NOT even real gamblers but just people that jumped on the bandwagon when they realised how easy a quick buck could be made.

Opinions differ. But those numbers are just probably not final. What is a secret of his popularity and really outstanding luck?

We can say that his prospect is based on a few reasons:. There are some reasons why that guy increases a wave of hate.

And the first one is that people envy him. From the first look, it seems so easy — just take a webcam, turn it and spin a slot with some comments.

But it is a real hard promo and self-improving work that leads to great success. That fact gave other gamblers a reason to claim that Roshtein fake money amount both on his general and demo accounts was sponsored by a casino and the streamer is making fake spins to promote N1 casino.

The next video was shot merely at the beginning of And here Roshtein while playing the Mahjong 88 slot was also getting additional spins but not three but twelve at once.

Here the game process was held step by step so the streamer only by his sixth additional spin began to get a considerable winning. I play in casino's almost every day for 6 years, online and outside casino's.

I learn to not care about other peoples and their money. It's no point! But i enjoy streams because of people, i see the new games before i play them, etc.

This is quite funny that peeps are so possessed about who is playing real and who not. In the end, what does it matter?

I think peeps watch streams mostly because they are interested of the persons that are streaming. Well, at least i watch streams for that.

If you just want to see slots, then play them with play or real money on your own, then you can even always choose the slot that you want to play with out asking them via chat :D.

So do you think you are fooled if they play with fake money? And just for fun of it that some people just are this possessed to know :D. So just relax and watch the streams that you prefer and let others watch streams that they want to.

Just wanna ask, CasinoDaddy. Like you guys are big streamers that i actually respected. Why don't you guys just mind your own shit and stop giving fucks about others.

He's the bigger streamer for a reason. Wouldnt be if he'd be fake. You're one of those streamers who have a ton of casino adds. So is he the guy who encourages gambling or you?

This will most likely be removed but yeah Farsan Not sure what your on about. Not us that started the thread and all the things you state in your post is actual bullshit We never speak about other streamers even if we could provide alot of funny facts abou the subject.

Hello, i am on vacation! That must be more interesting, right?? Including CasinoDaddy. By articulate. In the scripts I found an API call delivering the currencies available with the following data:.

This is a currency not displayed in the list, hence a currency they for some reason seem to be hiding. FUN overrides the normal currency, hence if a player has the FUN currency, that will be used before any other currency.

Shown above, there is a function called B where a IF statement checks the following:. Adamski22 6 posts. Recently I saw the video about Roshtein and decided to look into it from a techn.

Anyone with IQ above 50, knew he wasn't legit anyway Anyone with IQ above 50, knew he wasn't legit anyway?

Hahahah but still sad. I think the people drawn to his streaming personality will carry on watching in collective denial. So effectively the game servers are fooled by pretending to be real money play rather than demo play?

If that is the case, then surely the game providers won't be too happy with it all? How is it in comparison to other casinos? I'm not an Angular expert myself, and not really into js in general, but I still think there needs to be some more conclusive than an "if" scenario.

And if it's actually the case, they obviously have to be reported to the Malta gaming authorities. The casino could be flagging actual cash spun as "fun" money and not be paying the expected cut to the provider.

That exact scenario just doesn't seem super likely either. Don't know mate, you are probably right. I wouldn't say that a lot of things is uncovered by forums.

Kleine Roshtein Fake auftreten Roshtein Fake. - Is Roshtein playing with real money?

Anonym Starter Ehemaliges Mitglied. Roshtein, one of the most popular gambling streamers, uses a to reward his viewers for watching his streams. Users can log into the site using their Twitch account to earn one point for every 10 minutes of viewing, and Roshtein's "big wins" (of over times his bet) nets viewers 5 points. Well, according to the site LegendofGambling, Roshtein has inadvertently ‘outed’ himself as a fake, with the blogger alleging: “Video evidence was shown to me that Roshtein may be playing with play money and has been deceiving his fans as a high roller streamer.”. is not responsible for incorrect information on bonuses, offers, or promotions listed on the website. recommends that the player reviews all the terms and conditions of all bonuses listed on the Casino’s website. Roshtein’s bet size usually starts at 10 Euros a spin and then it goes steadily up from there. His breakthrough came in , when he managed to pick up a win of 5, Euros followed by another Euro just a few minutes later. And as to whether Roshtein is fake, we can say this: even if he cooperates with the casinos in which he plays, then most likely he will be given increased bonuses, not fake amounts on accounts. In addition, Roshtein obviously has its own affiliate program with many casinos, including N1 Casino, Casoola Casino etc.
Roshtein Fake
Roshtein Fake In the time of the Internet a lot of people gain their popularity via video content they produce through the Mike Tyson Kampf 2021. Rosh isn't Fake. General Casino Stream Talk. Boss Casino Visit site. Hat schon jemand die Clips gesehen in denen sich Roshtein selbst verraten hat das er mit Fake Money zockt? Habs heute auf Youtube. › was-haltet-ihr-von-dem-twitch-zocker-roshtein. ist roshtein einfach ein fake channel oder arbeitet der vielleicht sogar mit dem casino zusammen? danke fuer eure antwort:+1: Trempor UTC. What do you think? Roshtein is just a fake channel, or the perhaps even with the casino? I Think Fake! Roshtein - FAKE and commercial project multilotto!
Roshtein Fake I know everyone has there own Quasar Gaming but to not even be bothered? Recommended Posts. Because you can't do diddly squat without having been registered! ChopleyIOM said:. Today these 6 casinos are the flagships of the industry. It could just be a technical way to separate the currencies Online Multiplayer Flash Games reporting and that later on. The Plus 5 Keno is not shared between games when you play in "practice" modes, so theres that. What caught my attention is that, when you press play for "real", there is a check if you have the currency of "FUN" Naturals Rosmarin your user object, if so load that as default. June 19, at pm Reply. Roshtein Fake CasinoDaddy. Posted 26 August, edited. Just now, Storyx said:. I think streamers should be judged on how aggressive they are in tactics to push people to casinos, rather than the source of the funds they use to gamble. Do you?

Die Willkommensboni fГr Roshtein Fake sind perfekt fГr Spielautomaten geeignet, Roshtein Fake nicht das GlГck herausfordern. - Verdict to Roshtein

Get new password. Also I don't believe that the most popular slot streamer is using fake money to gain money and followers. I believe that would be illegal as well. If he is however and someone finds out he would be in alot of trouble. 1 Obviously EVERYONE blaming Roshtein don't know how it is to stream and have the whole chat come around like that. Roshtein – Fake casino streamer. Meet me, in the meantime, more and more often on Youtube in the Video proposals. I have now watched some of his Videos, don’t understand all of it (because in English) but since gross profits are real. Is ROSHTEIN fake? By pillzandskillz, July 31, in Off Topic. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. pillzandskillz pillzandskillz Advanced Member; Members; .


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